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Im 28yo femboy from europe.

At first I was very shy about it, but after I told my friends who helped me with the mistakes, I found it more sexy and easy, we also started playing with each other.
Guys, this is the first story in my trilogy, just the beginning of a true story. In the next parts, I will introduce you to the incestuous sisters and the craziest staff. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Jen and I have known each other for a couple of years, and at first I never imagined how well our relationship would turn out. In some places, the talk, sometimes the shared coffee, turned into something deeper when I once thought to tell her my secret. It came after a joint dinner when we drank and talked about more intimate experiences. I’ll probably never forget, it was about Victoria’s Secret underwear. Even then, I thought how wonderful it was to have a friend with whom we would shop for the same laundry and comment on handsome men and women and our experiences with them. About a week passed since the mentioned night, and in our cabin I decided to confess. I was close to fetish porn the implant and it still breaks my heart when I think about it, but I wanted to take a chance, so I told her that I had a secret and if she was willing to share it with me without judging me. Of course, Jen was all for it, but she probably never dreamed that she would tell him about the fact that she wears thongs, suspenders, and that I’m actually bisexual. She immediately wanted a picture of my little butt, maybe as proof that she wasn’t kidding, maybe she just wanted to see how I looked. Wow, the photo is a success, she likes the secret and I have her full support. I was so excited that I farted about three times in a row. We agreed to a meeting and that we will talk about everything, I also have a lot to say. Day after day, we began to write more openly about our ideas, tastes, little by little we knew almost everything about each other. Actually, I was platonically in love, but with the feeling that I had a close person and the best place in my life.
Here the story begins to merge with reality and the imaginary.
Our joint purchases of underwear, visits to the solarium and the mutual sending of many photos that I wake up to every morning to this day, we finally found time for a granny evening together. I packed all the things I had and ran to Jen. We just started with an open prosecco, a serial and a pointless debate, I guess we didn’t know how to start. I don’t even know who, but the topic changed and Jen started doing my makeup. Just the feeling that someone would see me like this, that someone would make me look stupid, excited me. Even more so because it was with someone like Jen. She put on makeup on both sides, moment of the photos. We quickly go through a few pages and begin to choose the clothes with which we are going to take the photos. I didn’t believe it myself, but the first photos of her were of her, even topless, just in white thongs. She covered her lovely small breasts with her hands and started posing. To tell you the truth, I have never seen anything better, she had it as hard and wet in my panties as ever. We changed a couple of outfits, we took different photos and I always tried to notice something else in her body. Her last outfit was bdsm style, collar, whip and leather accessories. It was her first shift. For a better photographic effect, I ran my hand over her butt a couple of times, she didn’t object. Instead, she sighed softly and smiled at me with the addition, you know, like me. She also gave me courage and I told myself that I would try to be tougher. I pulled her by her neck to smother her a bit and pushed her head back against her pillow with a counter movement. The sigh was already stronger, but she still didn’t object. I didn’t hesitate anymore and after another smack on her butt, when she had her mouth on the pillow, she was on her knees with her ass out of her, I put my hand in her panties. I couldn’t believe it, she was completely wet. She sighed again and tried to lift her head, to which I responded by squeezing her neck tighter and yelling, so are you going to get up? She was calm. Another blow to her ass, probably the hardest. Answer! She just moaned softly and shook her head to the side. I pulled her hair and asked again as she breathed into her neck, would you resist? She turned her gaze from her to me, smiled and said no, I won’t. I ran my hand over her panties one more time and this time I had to smell my wet hand. Yum Jen, you must taste so good, I thought. I put her on her back and covered her eyes so she wouldn’t know what was going to happen next. Her arms and legs were glued to her body, she was wearing Indian Doggy Style porn black underwear and leather garters on her legs and a leather bra. She looked divine. What am I going to do next? I thought. But I passed my hand over his faceand gave her a light slap, after which I put my index finger in her mouth and she obediently licked it. I moved to the other end and started at the bottom. She had a really nice red pedicure and her legs always knew how to get me in trouble even though I never actually told her. I started massaging and kissing them. I watched as she reached into the bed and waited to see what happened next. I kissed my way up my thighs and twirled around the panties that were dripping wet. Here and there my hand wandered between her thighs just so I could smell this beauty again. It was like a drug. It’s time to look at those breasts in all their glory, her bra could be unhooked in the front for great access. I kissed her neck, choked her a bit and she didn’t even notice her bare breasts. Another proof that she is really excited was her nipples. She is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. I pinched her a few times and gently bit her a few times, just to prepare her for the metal clips that were part of the bdsm set she brought. When I put the first one on her, she squirmed and jerked with it, I reacted and pressed her back against the vankus. shut up bitch! Apparently he calmed her down because she slowed her breathing and just hummed softly in agreement. With my legs spread, my breasts bare with studs and my eyes covered, I took her phone and took some nice pictures of her. She felt her push me away, so she started moving. I swung her whip at her foot and she quickly stopped, just curling up in slight pain and sighing. With the tip of the whip, I ran over her legs and all over her body, also hitting her here and there in fucking places. Then I put the whip in her mouth so that she would bite like a dog on a bone, while I decided to take off her soaked thongs. When I slid them down and wrapped and licked them and finally tasted them, I couldn’t control myself and started chasing me. Not with the intention of doing so, but to enjoy the sweet taste that is breathed here. I noticed that Jen was doing well with one hand too and suddenly stopped her. I got her back on her knees, her head on the pillow, and tied her hands behind her back with the end of her necklace. She was very flexible and knew that she always wanted to try these practices. I adjusted it a bit so that her butt was at the right angle, ran her hand from her thigh to her butt and then slapped him. I already had a diamond-shaped anal plug ready on her bed, which first salivated from her and then slowly swirled around her ass, it was cold and irritated her a bit, but her feelings were mixed. they made her more and more. excited and she was waiting for him to put it inside her. I gently began to push him in and out until he was completely there. She moaned pleasantly and moved her hips playfully. There was nothing left but to focus on the main program. As Jen admitted to me later, she had never in her life waited so long and so arrogantly for some kind of touch with her penis as she did tonight, and it turned her on even more. I caressed it with three fingers and pressed my thumb against her anal cramp. I gently touched the clitoris and began to massage it. She moaned a few times, so I silenced her with a smack on her ass. But I told myself that there was already enough hostility and since I like it, it’s time to toughen up. After all, the cell was already prepared and did not resist anything. So I chose her anal colic and put it on. Her ass was already slightly stretched and voila, I drooled a bit on her and started fingering her ass. I added more fingers and when I saw that she was ready, she slid her ass in and reached for my black dildo. It measures 23 cm and is very big, which doesn’t matter because she confessed to me that she already had a couple of big birds and she liked them. She said that she wanted to try anal sex with someone of similar size. I smoked it a bit to moisten it, hovered over her ass and started to push it inside her. The juice coursed through her body and she began to gasp loudly with excitement and pain. She didn’t want her to bother me by yelling, so she put a gag in her mouth. Equipped. A little more saliva and we’re on our way. She may have started to be a little pushy, but Jen was clearly enjoying it. The dildo was already in after the tip of her and her asshole had opened up nicely, a couple of pokes to the sides to distract and I started to push it deeper. After about 3 minutes, the entire 23cm black dildo I mounted yesterday was already there. I changed speeds, fast slow, in and out. Until I noticed that her knees were bent and she was shaking. Did I really bring Jen to an anal orgasm? Yes, she was sighing, flowing and when she seemed like she had calmed down, I started hitting her again and harder, I didn’t hit her ass either, and I pulled her hair a couple of times in such a way that I thought. Either she would snap her neck or rip her trenza. When she collapsed on her side from exhaustion after her third orgasm, I decided she’d had enough. I untied her hands and gAg from her mouth, she removed the blindfold from her eyes. Her makeup was spread all over her face due to her tears and she was smiling sweetly.
I let it sit like a used cup and went to pour us another drink. When I returned about 10 minutes later, Jen was already standing in the doorway with only leather straps and a drum in hand, she knew what to expect.

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